Welcome, and congratulations on your pregnancy!

As a certified, professional doula, I am experienced at providing families with the support they need throughout the child-birthing process. I have 7 years experience in helping women and their partners have great birth experiences.
Childbirth is a rite of passage and one of the most meaningful experiences of a woman’s life, and for this you and your partner deserve a skilled, professional companion!

This event is the hardest thing a woman’s ever had to do, but also the most awe-inspiring and powerful. To have the best birth possible, mothers need care that is compassionate, understanding, and supportive of her unique needs and wishes. Families deserve a mentor to usher them through this important rite of passage of welcoming their precious baby into the world.

Birth with confidence. Birth with no barriers.


Mark your calendar!

I co-lead a free monthly birth group for women in the East Texas Community.  Positive Birth Group – Tyler. First Thursday of every month.  Contact me for details! 

Upcoming Positive Birth Group dates: January 8, February 5, March 5, April 2