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ETD Difference

In the East Texas area, you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting who will be on your support team for birth, whether you’ll birth at a local birth center, or in one of our great hospitals like Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler or Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview. From year to year we may have as many as 15 or as few as 5 doulas offering their services in this region. So why should you hire us? Well I’ll tell ya.

We’ve been serving families for 8 years. We’ve learned a lot in that amount of time and have excelled in providing families with a professional service that makes a difference. Our unmatched professionalism, customer service, availability, and flexibility gives you peace of mind and makes us the #1 choice for expectant families in East Texas.


First of all, No Barriers Birth is a fully legitimate business operating under the growing parent company, East Texas Doulas, LLC (due to launch it’s new website this spring!) We are licensed to operate in the state of Texas.  Our company and affiliated doulas are insured and fully trained to serve in their role as birth doulas, postpartum doulas, educators, or placenta specialists. We are trained in adult and infant CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Texas food safety handling and we take our role seriously.
Loads of doulas get into this work for the “feel-goods” and emotional pay-off of doula work. I’m first to admit that this job is certainly, unbelievably rewarding, but it’s also very hard work that takes great skill and a certain amount of personal sacrifice.  The usual length of a doula’s career is less than 2 years. We’ve seen lots of doulas come and go over the years and our repeat clients are thankful that we have no plans of going anywhere any time soon.

Customer Service

Unfortunately, doula culture is rife with a very laid-back style. A week to answer an email. Calls heading straight to voicemail. When you treat your job like a hobby, your work suffers. Your clients suffer.
This is our career, not our hobby, and how well you feel supported by us starts from the very first phone call. This means when you need to contact us, you can reach us. We have office hours, we return emails and messages, we treat your need for support like the important and urgent matter that it is. When you you hire us, you have no doubt that you matter to us. Your needs come first for us, and you will sense this difference in the relationship you build with your doula.


You came home from the hospital 5 days ago. You’re boobs are swollen, your baby crying, you feel like you and your partner haven’t seen sleep for days. You call us to see about whether or not a postpartum doula could help.  When you need help, we know you need it now, not next Tuesday. That very evening, your new doula is in your home serving you intuitively, caring for your baby tenderly, alleviating your discomfort and setting you up for a night of success. You take a 3 hour nap and get a shower and feel like a new mom when you come downstairs to dinner ready and waiting for your family at 7. Our turn around time is fast because your needs don’t wait.

You’re 34 weeks when, at 3am, you awake to a gush of fluid between your legs and mild contractions. You give your on-call doula a ring and find that she is completely available and ready to serve you, even though you’re not technically “due” for another 6 weeks. When birth happens outside of the norm, a brief on-call time between 38-41 weeks won’t provide the support you need. Our experience shows that sometimes babies can be unpredictable. To best serve families, we go on-call for your birth the day you sign a contract with us and we ensure you have professional doula support with a money-back guarantee.


We offer something for everyone in East Texas, with a wide array of services to meet each family’s needs. Mix and match your package to benefit from all the services you want, and none that you don’t. Private childbirth classes, labor support, postpartum doulas, placenta encapsulation, lactation support, cesarean recovery, overnight care, short-tem live-in doula, we’ve got you covered.
Do you believe that doulas are only for a certain kind of mom? When you hire No Barriers Birth, you don’t have to worry about someone judging the choices you make in pregnancy, birth, or parenting. Do you want to birth with an epidural? Are you seeking a fully unmedicated experience? Do you want all the bells and whistles the hospital offers or do you prefer to birth in your own home? Returning to work or staying home with baby? Swaddle? Pacifier? Or maybe you’re not sure about any of this stuff and hoping for some help to figure it all out!

That is all a-okay.

We will walk with you on your journey, with your birth preferences and parenting style leading the way. With our wide background of experiences, we can help you reach the decisions that are just right for your family and you will never doubt that we support your choices.  You should have the peace of mind that your doula is always in your corner.


If this sounds like the kind of difference you’re looking for, chat with us about the perfect support for your journey of birth and parenting! Drop us a line!

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