Postpartum doulas: instill confidence and strength (part 3)

Helping hand part 3(1)

Wait, no one told me how to take care of a baby!

Your baby was just born and you’re riding on an endorphin high, filled with love and amazement for your partner and your newborn.  You’re overwhelmed with joy at the sight of her and every sound she makes brings you delight. And then it starts to sink in…”They’re actually going to send us home with her?” Quick! where’s the operating manual!

How do I give my baby a bath without her screaming?

What do we do when our baby won’t stop crying?

Is breastfeeding supposed to be this painful?

Is any of this normal!?

Before that baby arrives, you don’t know what you don’t know. There is a steep learning curve when you become a parent, as you rapidly learn loads of new skills and find yourself diving head-first into a new relationship with this tiny, fragile life. Some doubts and worries are to be expected. But the reassuring, knowledgeable presence of a doula brings peace to your heart and mind as she guides you through you learn the new skills of breastfeeding, infant soothing, and newborn care, helping you feel reassured and confident as a new parent.

There is no such things as a dumb question for your doula. You can have a sounding board while you get your feet under you. You can let her be your confidant while you figure out your baby’s personality and preferences.

Let’s face it, sometimes it can be really difficult being a new parent. Breastfeeding doesn’t always come intuitively. Babies are sometimes extra fussy. Sometimes you may wonder if you’re showing signs of postpartum depression or anxiety. She can help you gauge how things are going. If something seems out of the ordinary to you, she can help you decide if it’s just an average struggle of early parenting, or if it is something that merits the guidance of a professional like your pediatrician or a lactation consultant.

You know what else she does? She gives the useful and helpful information that is just right for you and your baby.

The reality is, there are a lot of hot button issues in parenting circles these days: breast vs. bottle, intact vs. circumcisionstandard vaccinations vs. delayed vax or non-vax.  Can I just set the record straight right quick?
YOU are the parent of your child.

Every child is different. Every family is different. We trust you to know what is best for your family and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

So here’s what this looks like: If you ask us which formulas are least likely to cause gasiness, we aren’t gong to remind you that “breast is best” because that, my dear, would be a bit rude and judgmental. And if you are curious about common delayed vaccination schedules, we won’t send you an article that vilifies non-vaxing parents. Because, again: rude. This goes for any choice you make. We are up-to-date on research and trends. and we know where to go for information on all the above topics.  We can help you find the path that resonates with you.

At the end of the day, we know that you are the one who needs the skills and confidence to do this life-long work of love. Your doula will not take charge, or call the shots, or parent your baby for you. We will provide you with the tools you need to be an amazing parent. We are your helper. Your support. And we make you GREAT at your new job of parenting your newborn.


To check out more info on postpartum doulas, head back to part 1 and part 2 of this series, all in celebration of World Doula Week.

And to get a great visual of postpartum work in action, search the hashtag #postpartumdoulasdothat on your favorite social media platform. You’ll find East Texas Doulas on Instagram and No Barriers Birth on Facebook, as well as loads of other professional doulas sharing pics of their valuable postpartum support.

Does this sound like the kind of support you desire for after your baby arrives?  Drop us a line!

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