Postpartum Doula Support:

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Birth is hard work and recovery takes time and support. You need rest to be the best parent you can be. We give families unconditional and unwavering assistance in the weeks and months after your baby arrives. We help you rest and recover, so you can focus on that wonderful bond with your newborn, navigate your feeding and parenting options, and establish what works best for your family.  We’re well trained to recognize when things aren’t going as planned so your recovery stays on track and we provide local resources for additional support when needed.  A happy and healthy mom is a good mom! And we help ensure it.

  • Small day-time shifts to full overnight stays, even multi-day live-in care
  • Hands-on techniques for infant soothing, swaddling, and sleeping
  • Grow your confidence, build your strategies, and get off to a great start
  • Assist you with the feeding, bathing, bonding, and sleeping needs of your baby
  • You focus on your newborn while we focus on you, tending the whole family and the home, your family nourished, caring for older siblings, and more
  • Packages are customized to meet the unique needs of your family

Childbirth Education Classes



Pregnancy can fly by and suddenly you realize there’s so much to learn about birth, medical decision making, pain coping techniques, nutrition, exercise, and how in the world you’ll care for your little newborn…introducing our Childbirth Education classes!

The Your Birth Experience  curriculum is a comprehensive, fast, customizable childbirth course for your birth preparation. We know you don’t have time for a 6, 10, or even 12 weeks course, so we built an intensive, fast-paced birth class to meet the needs of our busy clients. These convenient, in-home classes are just right for your lifestyle. We give you applicable knowledge that you can put into practice and get back to your busy life.
Every woman and her partner are different, and that’s why our birth education class is so perfect: it’s about YOU. Your wishes, your needs, your family, your birth experience. Contact us to schedule your birth class.

Birth Doula Support

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Together we explore your wishes and expectations so your whole team is connected and knows how to best support you. Our comfort tips, laboring positions, pain management techniques, and more get you prepared to have the most satisfying labor possible.

You get more than a brief 3-week on-call window with No Barriers Birth! Your doulas go on call for your birth the day you hire us, and back up doula support is automatically built in to provide you with peace of mind and our guarantee of professional support.

Your partner will be as involved in your support team as you wish. We help them feel confident, and we honor this day as a profoundly important time for them as well.  Your partner has an intimate knowledge of you, and we have an intimate knowledge of birth and together we’ll make an amazing birth team.
When your baby arrives, while you snuggle your newborn, your doula assists with getting you settled as a family and easing the transition into your new role as a parent. Every labor support package we offer has postpartum doula support built right in. We know that the challenges in the early days are an underestimated time, and with this care your new family is nurtured and your bond strengthened.

Placenta Encapsulation:


Clients use their placenta pills to improve their postpartum recovery experience, reporting balanced mood, increased milk supply, better energy, faster recovery, and improved hormone levels.
Never considered it? Nearly 70% of our clients chose to utilize this service in 2016.

Our professional system of transport and preparation and our completely transparent process of encapsulation far surpass the industry standard for safety. Our incredibly high standards provide you with reassurance.  Give yourself peace of mind in the midst of an uncertain time with this perfect supplement.

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No Barriers Birth proudly serves everyone with compassion and understanding, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, marital status, ability, or veteran status.

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