Our clients have some pretty great things to say!


“When I first met my doulas, the vibe they put off was so down to earth and sweet. I knew they was a perfect match for me and my family.” ~ Hannah


“I was not sure a doula was right for me. I wanted a hospital, not a home birth, and I was a labor and delivery nurse… Why would I need a doula? In talking with Jessica, I liked that she completely supported what I wanted and she didn’t want to replace the role of my husband but help him shine!  My husband was skeptical too, but she won him over by putting him at ease and showing him realistic and doable ways to help me cope with labor.” ~Lauren


My confidence was where it needed to be because of her!  Our doula helped tremendously in the immediate postpartum period, taking pictures, helping initiate breast feeding and overall being a very pleasant, peaceful, calm, and capable presence in the midst of crazy circumstances. She was and is absolutely wonderful! ~ Beth


I was calm and confident for Becca because of these doulas. If you want your child birth experience to be one of the greatest experiences of your lives, you want them by your side.”~Kyle


Anytime I felt sad or nervous, she always made herself completely available to talk and always made me feel better. I knew from the first time we talked that she was worth every penny! When it came time for my delivery, which was pretty difficult and not at all what we had planned, she helped me stay relaxed and confident in myself that I could do it.  She made what was already a magical experience even better. Before the night was over she was a part of our family, and if I ever have another baby she will definitely be there. She is the best doula ever and I love her!!” ~Stephanie


“Through our prenatal visits, calls, and texts, it was clear my doulas genuinely cared about my little family.” ~ Meaghan


“My wife and I wanted as natural of a labor and birthing experience as possible.  With the encouragement and hands on experience our doula brought to the delivery room, we were able to achieve our goal.  She helped us through our time of need and I will always be thankful for her support. ~ Garrett


“I wanted so much to do a natural birth, but this was a goal that I knew wasn’t guaranteed.  At times, I wanted to give up, and while the birth took every ounce of my being, I honestly don’t think I could have done it without our doula. She helped me stay focused and guided me through Every. Single. Contraction. She valued my husband’s role and support throughout the whole process as well- from the beginning of the pregnancy all the way to the birth. She is an extremely gifted doula with insight, intuition, and wisdom that is absolutely priceless. ~Colleen


“You helped usher in the birth for our firstborn son and the birth of us as parents- that is something we will never forget .” ~ Jillian


“It is so nice to have a calm, caring expert on your side.” ~ Nadine


“Jessica did a great job helping me through my labor, even though I was very high-risk and the labor was different than we expected. When a cesarean became necessary, she even made my cesarean birth a special experience for me and my husband.”  ~ Yadira


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